Sebastien Roux (aka Superdeux) was born and raised in the south of France, worked and studied in Paris, and resides now in San Francisco California. Sebastien began his career as a designer over 10 years ago, working in interior design for 2 years and later developed his career in multimedia and interactive design. In 2001, he launched his career as a freelance visual designer.

He currently produces work in: motion graphics, character design, identity design, toy design, UI and Branding. Urban/Pop culture and its ever-changing faces are the inspirational elements for his project development and designs.
Superdeux’s work has appeared in books and magazines in france, Germany, Hong Kong, Australia, the US, Canada and has been commissioned by clients such as: MTV, Universal Pictures, KidRobot, Red Magic, EA Sports, Sony, Comedy Central, Rockstar Games, 2k, Nickelodeon… (see clients list)
Also creator of the Stereotype toys and the BSHIT brand/art concept. Sebastien Roux has worked in collaboration with talented forces including Phunk Studio, 123Klan, Stardust, Genevieve Gauckler, Bill Mc Mullen, Staple design, Interspectacular, Pictoplasma and TED to pursue his goal of exploring various mediums of communicating the urban sensibility.

TED Global, MTV, Universal Picture, KidRobot, Namco/Bandai, EA Sports, Sony Playstation, Comedy
Central, Rockstar Games, 2k by Gingham, Nickelodeon, Audi, Samsung, Hugo Boss,
Adidas, Sesame Street, Corbis, Pepsi Cola, Channel 4…

I’M PLASTIC (Paul Budnitz)
I Love You Baby (Basheer)
DOT DOT DASH (Die Gestalten Verlag)
Tatoo Icons (Victionary)
Illustration a la mode (CWC)
Mascotte 2 (happy books)
Vinyl Will Kill by Jeremyville (IDN)
Logos Around Europe (Index Book Publishing)
Iconography (IDN)
Pictoplasma book 1 (Die Gestalten Verlag)
Pictoplasma book 2 (Die Gestalten Verlag)
Pictoplasma The Character Compendium (Pictoplasma Publishing)
Semipermanent book (IDN PRO)
Computer Arts
Creative Review
Studio multimedia
Idn magazine
Redux magazine
Muse magazine
Clark magazine
Juxtapoz magazine
XLR8R Vis-Ed
ELLE magazine

“Sir Peter Cook’s 75th Birthday” at Space Gallery (Brisbane, Australia)
“Rise Japan” exhibition at Kokoro Gallery (San Francisco, USA)
“ArtCrank” exhibition at 111 Mina Gallery (San Francisco, USA)
“ArtCrank” exhibition at the Chrome Store (San Francisco, USA)
“I Wish I Could Talk” solo show at The Peek Gallery (San Francisco, USA)
“More” Solo show at Kokoro Gallery (San Francisco, USA)
“Acid Stereotype” Solo Show at Artoyz (Lyon, France)
“Tribute to Mood” Group Show at PEEKABOO (Lille, France)
“Thunderdog Collective” Group Show at BLK/MRKT (Los Angeles, USA)
“HANAHOU presents” Group Show at gallery hanahou (New york, USA)
“LOVE ORIGINAL”Group Show Gallery Lele (Tokyo, Japan)
“Be My Guest” Solo Show Gallery Artoyz (Paris, France)
“SAY WHAT” Group Show at PEEKABOO (Lille, France)
“DUCK FEVER SHOW” Group Show at Mercando gallery (Barcelone, Spain)
“POPn fLOPn Group Show at La condition Publique (Roubaix, France)
“Make feet beautiful” at the Artazart Gallery (Paris, France)
“Tag the System PARIS” Group Show Espace Beaurepaire (Paris, France)
“Tag the System NYC” Group Show at The Showroom (NYC, USA)
“PAPERBAG” at the Madame Edgar Gallery (Montreal, Canada)
“Stickerthrow!” Group Show (New York, USA )
“BOPANO” a street exhibition of fake road signs (Lyon, France)
“Tag the System NYC” at the Showroom (New York, USA)
“Vinyl Clash” at the Riviera Gallery (New York, USA)
“The Use Again Exhibition” at the Flink Gallery (Brussels, Belgium)

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